MGH Lab             Wellman Center for Photomedicine

                              Massachusetts General Hospital

                              50 Blossom St., BAR 818

                              Boston, MA 02114

   Find the elevators next to the Treadwell Library (see the map) and come to BHX-6 (6th floor).

   If you are entering from Blossom St, go up to BAR-8 (8th floor), which is connected to BHX-6.



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The Bio-Optics Lab has two locations: one at the main campus of MGH in Boston, and the other at the MIT University Park in Cambridge. The MGH site is focused on clinical and preclinical studies in a 400-sqft of optics lab, a 200-sqft animal room, tissue culture, wet-bench, and offices. The Cambridge site supports a variety of biomedical research projects in about 2,500-sqft space, consisting of four laser labs, six wet benches, two cell culture hoods, two chemical hoods, and an office area. Dr. Yun’s office is at the Cambridge site.

Cambridge Lab   Partners Research Building

                              Wellman Center for Photomedicine

                              65 Landsdowne St. UP-525

                              Cambridge, MA 02139


   Walking direction from the Central Square is here.

   Once arrived at the building, show your ID to the concierge and get guidance to the 5-th floor.

   The map below shows the T-path (two stops away) between the MGH and Cambridge sites.