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We are interested in receiving applications from talented, motivated graduate students and post-degree researchers. Applicants for a postdoc position are expected to have a strong publication record in relevant fields (physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, etc). Good communication skills and work ethics are required.

To apply, please send a full CV and a cover letter to Prof. Yun at syun@hms.harvard.edu. Reference letters are not required for initial inquiry, but are required for full consideration (should be arranged to be emailed directly to Prof. Yun)

Priority areas:

1. Development and applications of laser particles

             Martino and Kwok et al. Nature Photonics 2019

2. Single-cell proteomics and transcriptomics, combined with in vivo imaging using laser particles.

             Kwok et al. Light: Science & Applications 2019

3. Technology development and applications of optical coherence elastography and Brillouin microscopy.



4. Novel biomedical devices, such as light-guiding therapy-enabling patches and smart earplugs.


For more details, please email Prof. Yun.

Last updated on Sept 25, 2019