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We are interested in receiving applications from talented, motivated graduate students and post-degree researchers. Successful postdoc candidates are expected to have a strong publication record and good communication skills.

To apply, please send a full CV and a cover letter to Prof. Yun at syun@hms.harvard.edu. Reference letters are not required for initial inquiry, but are required for full consideration (should be arranged to be emailed directly to Prof. Yun)

Specific areas of recruitment

1.  We are seeking a technologist / engineer for an industry sponsored research project. The project involves developing Brillouin light scattering imaging systems for human studies in the field of ophthalmology. Solid experience in optics and system integration is required. Industrial experience is relevant.

2.  A position is available to conduct clinical studies using Brillouin imaging to assess the biomechanical properties of the cornea, sclera, and/or lens, for improving diagnosis, tissue characterizations for refractive surgeries, and therapy monitoring. Good understanding of optical systems is desirable. Application from clinical fellows with MD degree in ophthalmology and medical students is welcome.

3.  Development, fabrication and numerical analysis of nano-lasers including plasmonic lasers. Expertise in FDTD is highly desirable.

4.  Numerical COMSOL simulations. Three relevant projects are (1) optical coherence tomography elastography of tissues including the cornea, (2) sound propagation in the middle ear and earplugs, and (3) thermal analysis of micro- and nano-structures.

Last updated on Nov 24, 2017