Brillouin microscopy

We develop and apply optical imaging  instruments based on Brillouin light scattering, which uniquely enables us to measure the biomechanical properties of tissues, cells, and biomaterials in non-contact, label-free states with high resolution. 

Intravital microscopy

Live imaging technology represents a paradigm shift in how we study biological processes, from the traditional static 2D snapshots (i.e. histology) to dynamic, 3D view of the living specimen as processes unfold in real time.  

Cell lasers and Laser particles

Imagine lasers that are so small, soft and biocompatible that they can be inserted into the body and into the intracellular space. Such lasers may allow new applications of light for biomedical investigations and clinical medicine. We are exploring this idea. 

Optical coherence tomography

There are several projects on the development of new OCT technologies and their application to otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and tissue biomechanics. 

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Biomaterial-based implantable photonic devices

There are several projects on the development of novel fiber-optic devices and laser sources for medical and military applications, as well as to satisfy our pure intellectual curiosity.