Optical Coherence Tomography


We have made pioneering contributions to the birth of the second generation OCT technologies: namely swept-source OCT and Fourier-domain OCT. Our on-going projects are funded by NIH P41.


Selected papers


1. High-speed optical frequency-domain imaging. Opt Express 2003;11:2953-2963.

2. High-speed wavelength-swept semiconductor laser with polygon-scanner-based wavelength filter. Opt Lett 2003; 28:2321-2323.

3. High-speed spectral-domain optical coherence tomography at 1.3 Ám wavelength. Opt Express 2003; 11:3598-3604.

4. Motion artifacts in optical coherence tomography with frequency-domain ranging. Opt Express 2004;12:2977-98.

5. Comprehensive volumetric optical microscopy in vivo. Nature Medicine 2006;12:1429-33.

6. In vivo optical frequency domain imaging of human retina and choroids. Opt Express 2006;14:4403-4411.

7. Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography: recent advances toward clinical utility. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2009;20:111-8.

8. Dynamic imaging of vocal fold oscillation with 4D optical coherence tomography. Laryngoscope 2010;120:1564-62.

9. Simultaneous 3D imaging of sound-induced motions of the tympanic membrane and middle ear ossicles. Hearing Research 2013.

10. Observation of corneal vibrational resonance by optical coherence tomography. Biomedical Optics Express 2015;6:3314-3319

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